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Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket
Released on September 21, 2017

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The Fashion Industry is a competition and a puzzle.

Rania Forbes, "Golden Ticket"

"Golden Ticket" is the second episode of the second season of PINY Institute of New York.


A competition is about to begin at PINY and a few lucky students are set to win a special prize.


The episode starts with the Indie Girls and Stella Marie talking about why they are at the sports hall when Madame Forbes, Coach Spencer and Mr. Grasso telling them there will be a competition and there are two tickets. The Indie Girls and the Beautiful People had their eye on the prize.

The Indies dressed in their spy outfits and worked hard to look everywhere for the Ticket. While the Beautiful People were making other people like Sam look for it for them. The Girls used their spy equipment and Armando to look for it. When Michelle had got frustrated, she kept on hitting the vending machine and Lilith suspected that there was a high chance of on being there.

The Indies later on decide it would be in the sewing room which Julia hears and the Beautiful People follow them and Julia uses gum to take the ticket off Armando but the gum gets stuck on her hair. The Indies are now sad when Sam finds a ticket in the vending machine. After pleading The Boys gave it to the Indies.

At Madame Forbes' office she tells the groups to open the envelopes but the Indies have to find their own way to Paris while the Beautiful People get to fly to Paris. The episode ends with the Indies on Lilith's dad's plane to Oslo.





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