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It’s an honour to have you here Miss Lima.

—Mr Grasso, "Bella Lima"

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Professor Grasso[2], better known as Mr. Grasso, is a teacher at PINY: Pinypon Institute of New York in New York. He teaches Fashion Studies. He teaches the Pinypons Fashion Studies and is their Form Tutor.


Mr. Grasso has Dark Blonde hair and dark green eyes. he has a dark blonde moustache as well. He wears a white jacket, and also wears trousers and shoes.


Looking for Dory (141)

Mr. Grasso listening to music and reading a book

Mr. Grasso is pleasant, kind, helpful, and instructive. He is kind to is students and teaches them quite well. He can get enthusiastic when he meets a Fashion Celebrity and gets over excited especially when it comes to Bella Lima who he had wanted to meet for years but finally got the chance in "Bella Lima". He can be quiet and peaceful and likes to spend time outside listening to music. But when his students get rude or disregard him, he will send them to Madame Forbes' Office which Julia Cooper went through in "To Tutor or Not to Tutor".


Mr. Grasso is able to teach Fashion studies and he is good at the subject Geology.[3]





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