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Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time
Released on September 25, 2017

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"Once Upon a Time" is the fifth episode of the second season of PINY Institute of New York.


Mr Grasso has a great way to boost creativity - making up a story together.


The episode starts with Mr. Grasso telling his students to calm down and tell them they will be making a story together to get ideas for designs. Mr. Grasso suggests a story about him as a rock-star, but Rita starts the story with her as a princess, but Dory and Julia want to be as well. They describe themselves to have the largest wardrobe in the world.

Interrupted by Sam, who explains him and Will are Prince's that are spies in disguise to get to the ball on time. Back to the Beautiful People, they order Michelle (who is a maid) to make dresses for them, but Michelle creates a dress for herself from thin air.

Mr. Grasso, who is now a wizard, is turned into a magical unicorn that gives her a dareway to get to the ball but instead she gets a limousine. The Boys are already at the ball waiting for Princess to arrive but then the Indie Girls, who are now Princess, appear. Jealous, the Beautiful People arrive to stop them.

For that reason, the eight battle and they all turn into their Galactic outfits. Their argument is stopped by the bell. The episode ends with Sam telling Mr. Grasso the lesson was epic.



Major Characters
Mr. Grasso
Michelle Fairchild/Galactic Princess/Princess Michelle
Tasha Robinson/Princess Tasha/Robo-Tasha
Lilith Henderson/Princess Lilith/Bot Lil
Julia Cooper/Princess Julia
Rita Finucci/Princess Rita
Dory Skornik/Princess Dory
William Bradley/Spy William/Prince William
Sam Ryany/Spy Sam/Prince Sam

Minor Characters
Stella (background)
Lisa (background)
Walter (background)
Lindsay Sparkles (background)


Michelle's princess dress
Spy equipment


Mr. Grasso's classroom
PINY hall


  • This episode makes reference to "Cinderella".
  • The main eight have a battle in this episode.
  • In episode, Michelle had the most identities.


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